Car Accident Lawyer New York City

Car Accident Lawyer New York City

A car accident in New York can be a very painful and difficult experience. If you are injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to damages. Block Sullivan Papen McGrath Coffinas & Canavo, PC. Call car accident attorneys in New York who are experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in New York City?

Victims of car accidents can lead serious injuries. These include broken bones, concussions, lacerations, and even loss of mobility. Victims of a badly injured road accident are entitled to compensation. Compensation includes medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses you may incur.

However, it is difficult to obtain this compensation without proper legal representation. Insurance companies regularly dispute who is at fault and often reduce the severity of your injuries in an attempt to reduce the amount of compensation you receive. These companies regularly challenge victims of lowballs and car crashes to avoid fair compensation. I wonder who was responsible for the accident, even if you are clearly the victim. They can challenge and reduce the severity of your injuries.

With an auto accident attorney in New York by your side, you will be able to determine if insurance companies are embracing the strategy of blaming the victims and fighting for your compensation. An experienced lawyer can:

  • proper accident investigation
  • Gather evidence such as videos and testimonials
  • Make a strong case to prove that it was not your fault
  • prove who was at fault
  • Negotiations with insurance
  • Properly assess and present your injuries to ensure you get the maximum compensation through your accident claim

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

When you are injured in a car accident, the insurance company must review your claim to see how much they are willing to pay. Insurance companies have experience with lawyers working to protect their interests. This includes the minimum that can be paid to settle your claim. You need an experienced law firm that focuses on these types of cases to fight for you and protect your rights.

Insurance companies review your claim to calculate how much they are willing to pay to settle your claim. Hiring a car accident lawyer to help you prepare your claim and protect your rights will ensure that insurance companies do not receive the minimum compensation.

New York car accident attorney, Sullivan Papen Block McGrath Coffinas & Canavo, PC Start working on your case immediately after detention and pursue it through the litigation process. We will also ensure regular communication with customers and ensure that our customers are kept fully informed of the progress of their complaints. First, we explore all the possible causes of your car accident. We receive video, identify witnesses, obtain all necessary medical documents, and prepare carefully for trial. In addition, we promise to claim maximum compensation for you:

  • Past and future medical bills and medical expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • lost salary
  • Other types of relief available

Common Causes Of Car Accidents

New York City is a tough place to drive a motor vehicle. New York City is one of the hardest places to drive because of traffic and pedestrians. Common causes of car accidents include:

  • road hazards
  • vehicle breakdown
  • reckless or reckless driving
  • Quickly
  • wrong lane change
  • wrong turn
  • dangerous exits/entrances
  • signal failed
  • Violation of laws free of charge
  • Not obeying your traffic lights and signs
  • Failure to provide correct entry for drivers
  • run PK
  • Distraction driving
  • monotonous drive

Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but when they do, the consequences can be devastating. Due to the sensitive nature of a car accident, it is necessary for an auto accident lawyer in New York to conduct a proper investigation while sending accident claims to the insurance company.

Common Types of Car Accidents

  • direct collision
  • rear collision
  • T-bone crash
  • side collision
  • side-swipe crashes

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents in New York

What is the statute of limitations for a car accident in New York?

  • It depends on the facts of your case. Generally, if you have a claim against an individual, you have three years from the date of your traffic accident to file a law. If you have a claim against a government entity, you usually have 3 months from the accident to file a claim notice. After that, you have ninety years to start an activity.
  • It should be noted that you only have 30 days to file your application without fail.

How does car insurance work in New York?

  • New York follows a flawless car insurance system. This means that after an accident, your insurance pays for medical treatment and out-of-pocket losses. To get out of the system through no fault of your own, you must have serious injuries. Under New York law, serious injuries include permanent and significant imbalances or injuries that restrict normal bodily functions.

How long will my case take?

  • Each case is unique. Generally, it may take a year or three to resolve a case. In more complex cases, involving multiple vehicles, insurance companies, and defendants, litigation may take several years.

Will my car accident case be heard?

Each case is different and depends on many factors within the case. In most cases, there is no hearing. Once a case is found, most cases are resolved during settlement discussions. However, Sullivan Papen Block McGrath Coffinas & Canavo, P.C. Prepare each case as if for trial. In addition, we have some of the most trained trial attorneys in the state, making us one of the best law firms to stand by your side.

How much does it cost to appoint SPBMC?

There is no hourly rate. As stated in our retention agreement, we operate on a contingency fee basis. This is called a contingency fee as our fee depends on whether you hit the case. Once you receive the settlement or verdict, the cost of processing the case is deducted from the top and the firm collects the agreed fee from the proceeds of the settlement at that time. Usually, in a car accident, the incidental fare is one-third.

How to find out who is at fault?

Sullivan Papen Block McGrath Coffinas & Canavo, PC. It is the experience and knowledge of working on these cases over many years that helps our attorneys identify all the culprits to pursue your case effectively.

Million-dollar settlement in car accident cases

Sullivan Papen Block McGrath Coffinas & Canavo, PC. More than $ 2 billion has been recovered from accident victims since 2000. Cases handled by our car accident solicitors include:

  • $ 28 million for the worker who was hit by a police vehicle. The firm represented an employee at JFK airport who was struck by a speeding Port Authority police vehicle. The victim suffered horrific injuries that required 16 surgeries.
  • $ 15 million tow truck collision in New Jersey. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury in a collision with a state tow truck.
  • $ 13.1 million for a multi-vehicle collision. Our client lost both legs; one leg below the knee and the other above the knee. Our client was involved in a highway collision and was standing in front of his car when a trailer tractor suddenly stopped, causing the other car to slip over the tractor-trailer and hit our client’s car. , in turn, hit. The key to our case, which we successfully completed, was to convince the jury that the operator of the tractor-trailer was to blame. The jury found our client not guilty.

Talk to a Motor Accident Lawyer in New York Today

Sullivan Papen Block McGrath Coffinas & Cannavo, PC. One of the leading law firms in New York. Our personal injury lawyers in New York City are dedicated and experienced in litigating car accident cases. SPBMC has represented car victims for many years including, but not limited to, limb loss, fractures, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, back and neck injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments/muscles, and malformation. Our car accident attorneys are proud to serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. In addition, our law firm has extensive experience in wrongful death claims due to car accidents.

Our law firm has handled many types of car accident cases, from pedestrian injuries while crossing the street to tragic accidents due to improper road design. Sullivan Papen Block McGrath Coffinas & Canavo, PC. We managed to recover millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

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